With Ranger Technology Solutions’ Home Security You:

  • Receive more than an alarm system
  • Own state-of-the-art equipment
  • Have a home security system designed to fit your lifestyle and budget
  • Use interactive services to access, manage, and control your security system
  • Easily access security cameras to view real-time activity in your home
  • Stay connected with your smart phone, iPad, PC or laptop
  • Are informed of non alarm events (ie. garage door open, medicine cabinet open)
  • Partner with 30 years experience installing monitoring and services over 175,000 Ranger and Guardian Protection Services systems in the Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) areas
  • Take advantage of personalized home automation

The alarm systems and strategies of yesterday just don’t support today’s world

Technology is constantly evolving. People travel, both parents work, children are busy with extracurricular activities. Your home stands unoccupied for hours, maybe even days at a time. Today’s active and mobile homeowners rely on technology to stay in touch with work, family and friends. That now applies to your home as well. An interactive security system certainly monitors and provides alarm protection for burglars, fire, smoke or medical emergencies. You also have instant access to your home 24/7 from anywhere, anytime using your laptop, smartphone, IPad or PC. And by adding contacts to certain sensitive areas of your home (such as medicine cabinets, liquor cabinets and gun racks) you will know immediately if these areas are opened. By adding cameras, you will see who comes through the front door. With an interactive security system, you will know who unlocked the door, who armed the system and when your children come home. With an interactive home monitoring system with automation, you’ll never have walk into a dark home again. You‘ll never again wonder if the front door was locked. Simply use your smart phone to turn on the lights or lock the door yourself. Low monitoring rates mean limited functionality. No contract required means little or no commitment from that security company. You want a company that will be with you for the long term. By selecting Ranger Technology Solutions, you have our 30 years experience installing, monitoring and servicing over 195,000 Ranger and Guardian Protection Services systems in the Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) areas. We partner with you as your family, lifestyle and needs change. You have peace of mind knowing your home, family and valuables are safe and secure today, tomorrow and in the future. Choose Ranger Technology Solutions for your home security in DFW.